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Company Overview


Primacare’s primary mission is to provide quality products and economical solutions to first aid providers while enhancing the quality of patient care.

The technology and challenges in the EMS field have increased tremendously over the years. At Primacare we invest much time and effort, to bring you an improved product line that will make your job easier by providing you necessary means to effectively perform your duty in emergency care.

It is our intention to continue to develop imaginative and unique combinations of product and incorporate superior product design to fulfill the needs of today’s market and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Through joint venture manufacturing efforts with world leading ISO 9000 Subcontractors, we can offer a consistently high quality product, while maintaining competitive price levels that are generally much lower then the domestic brands, giving added value and profitability to our distributor partners.

We look forward to working with you in creating programs which will provide assistance in meeting your sales objectives. Please contact our sales department to learn what Primacare has to offer.

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